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About our team

The Centre of Transformation (former Tantra Centre), the retreat and self-development seminar hotel of John Hawken, the founder of The Paths of Transformation, was born in a renovated mill near Blatna in the charming countryside of South Bohemia. The area is full of flower meadows, deep forests and sparkling lakes, about 90 km southwest of Prague. This quiet location, not affected by stress, frenetic civilization or tourism, is ideal for an uninterrupted experience of tantric, shamanic and bioenergy activities and also for resting and relaxing when not in teaching sessions.

John Hawken

Owner & Founder

John is one of the most experienced teachers of energy in Europe. He has a first class degree from Cambridge, studied experimental theatre with Grotowski at the Theatre Laboratory, and taught drama before training as a humanistic psychotherapist specializing in energy and bodywork, with a private practice in Germany for ten years. He studied tantra with Margot Anand and shamanism with Arwyn Dreamwalker, and became a licensed SkyDancing teacher and director of the SkyDancing Institute UK. He has taught groups internationally for almost 40 years, and developed the singles tantra training Sacred Body Passionate Spirit and the couples training Lovemaking.

John is the director of The Paths of Transformation, offering trainings in tantra, shamanism, bioenergetics and Dark Eros, an exploration of our deep erotic drivers. He also leads pilgrimages to power centres in Cornwall, Crete, Mexico, Guatemala and India. Most of the courses are run at his Centre of Transformation (former Tantra Centre), a residential seminar house at the heart of Europe near Prague. At the moment he is training international teachers to expand his work throughout Europe and the world.

John is the author of Realisations, an inspiring book that shares many of his insights from his journey on the paths of transformation.

Katarina Němcová

GM & PR Manager

Katarina, John’s partner, is one of the most respected European matchmakers and relationship consultants. She has been running her own matchmaking and self-development agency Find L’Amour since she returned to Europe from New York City and Shanghai where she worked as Communications and Marketing Manager of global companies. Shortly after she met John in 2018, she started to work with him and is now his assistant, PR Manager and General Manager of his centre. Katarina supports John in all of his activities, both personal and professional, including running The Centre of Transformation, while still running her own company. Katarina’s biggest passion is travelling and exploring the world, both inwards and outwards. Her favorite quote is: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”


Pavel Valenta

Main Caretaker

Pavel is looking after the Centre most of the time. He has a big passion for this magical place, including everything happening there. Thanks to Pavel’s enthusiasm, determination, hard-work and pragmatism many new projects have recently been executed at the Centre. At his free time Pavel enjoys the moments with his beloved partner and daughter.